Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wonderful Beer!

MAKE BEER AT HOME. Mr. Beer is the most advanced and widely acclaimed home brew kit on the market. Modern technology combined with select ingredients assures you of reliable results the first time, every time. The fresh flavor and hand crafted quality of your beers will compete with the most famous and expensive beers throughout the world. With brewing experience, you and your friends will prefer your brews to the commercial brands available. West Coast Pale Ale is included with kit. It is a mild beer with a full body and a great flavor. All beer mixes are made of 100% natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Your friends will marvel at the great taste of your home brewed suds. Making beer at home is affordable and easy. Just give it a try once!

Mr. Beer brews twenty 12oz. home brew beers each week. Your first batch can be ready to bottle and carbonate in as little as 7 days. Be sure to have more Mr. Beer mixes on hand so you can start your next batch immediately. The great affordable home brew kits offered will make you smile, and it is just plain fun to brew up a batch of your own home made brew.

The basic beer mix will provide a beer with an alcohol content equal to a standard commercial beer, but you don't have to stop there. The alcohol content of the beer is determined by the total amount of malt extract, sugars and fruit added to the beer mix. You control the strength and hutspah of your home brew. It's an awesome home brew kit!

There are no industrial CO2 cartridges needed to provide pressure. The home brew naturally carbonates in the bottle and has a good beer head and sparkle.

Here are a few common questions from customers about Mr.Beer Home Brew Products:

Where can I purchase Mr. Beer products other than the kit and three packs of mixes?
Credit card orders for all products may be placed online in the catalog section of this site or by phone at 1-800-852-4263. To order by check or money order, print out the printable order form from this site, fill it out and send it in with a check or money order.

Why doesn't the brew keg have an airlock?
The Brew Keg design eliminates the need for an airlock, by venting gases through a channel in the lid thread.

Can I use an airlock with the brew keg?
Because the Brew Keg vents through the lid thread, an airlock assembly will not work with the Brew Keg Model, and is not needed.

How long will my shipment take to arrive?
Shipments generally take around five to eight business days for delivery.

How do you ship?
All orders are shipped via UPS Ground within the continental US, unless you specify a different shipping method. Need more info? See our Shipping pages.

How do I Return Merchandise?
Please give us a call at 800-852-4263 before returning any merchandise. You will be given a return authorization number for your order and we can help you in finding the best resolution to your situation.

about home brewing from wikipedia
Brewing relies on the conversion of sugars into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide by yeast through fermentation. Fermentable sugars are typically obtained by steeping malted grain (malt) in hot water during a process known as mashing. When malt is mashed at temperatures between about 60-70?C, enzymes available in the grain break down large starch molecules into both smaller non-fermentable starch-like molecules known as dextrins and into fermentable sugar molecules. Dextrins typically provide mouthfeel and sometimes sweetness to the final beer. The resulting solution, known as wort is run off from the mash during a process known as ?sparging? and contains the sugars, dextrins, proteins and other molecules, many of which are carried into the final beer. After boiling with hops the wort is cooled to fermentation temperatures and added yeast begin the fermentation process.

Concentrated wort or malt extract is commercially available and can be used alone or in combination with grain homebrewing. Homebrewing kits are also available and they usually provide a hopped malt extract which can be fermented upon dilution with water and in many cases, the addition of some sugar.

The home producer must then decide whether to introduce a yeast culture; or wait either for airborne yeasts, or yeasts from the original fruit or grain to infest the must or wort. The latter is know as lambic brewing.

At the home level, the introduction of a yeast culture is often preferred in order to save time and avoid possible infection by undesirable bacteria. One major exception is cider as apple skins retain significant amounts of naturally occurring yeast: as such in the UK, there has been a longstanding tradition of making farmhouse scrumpy by simply pressing apples and leaving the must to stand.

As with many disciplines within homebrewing, some practitioners are very interested in the choice of zymology. There are strong proponents of lambic brewing as well as enthusiasts who seek out and re-culture yeasts from favorite or local breweries. Choice of yeast is very important in the character of the final beverage. For example, homebrewers seeking to produce authentic lagers may choose lagering yeasts, which require lower temperatures for the most effective fermentation. On the other hand, a good champagne yeast tolerates the broader range of temperatures used in the champagne production process.

For some hobbyists, home-brewing provides avenue to craft-beer career - Read the article to discover another aspect of making beer at home. Home brewing hobbyists have gone further and created new beer brands, given themselves new craft skills and literally changed their lives. It all starts with making beer at home for many people.

Are the Mr. Beer bottles and caps reusable?
The Mr. Beer PET are reusable, the ring that snaps off of the caps the first time they are used is a tamper proofing ring for commercial use, it will not effect the seal.

Mr. Beer homebrewing accessories will provide you with everything you need to brew the perfect batch of beer quickly and easily. From hop scales to handy bottling systems, these useful tools will make your brewing experience "fermentastic"!